The Covestro sustainability positioning

People, Planet, Profit

Developing products and processes that improve people's lives, help conserve the planet, and move the company's business forward is at the heart of Covestro’s sustainability positioning.
With innovative materials and solutions, we want to help improve the quality of people’s lives. At the same time, we recognize the need to find answers that will meet today’s challenges such as the growing world population and limited natural resources.

Our vision

Profiting society while driving towards zero impact on the planet is our long-term sustainability vision. We aim to do this by creating value along the whole life cycle of our business through social responsibility, environmental stewardship, eliminating energy and materials waste, and by economic growth.  Providing innovative, environmentally and socially responsible technologies, research and development activities, products, processes and facilities means we can continue to satisfy the needs of an ever-changing world. We want to empower employees and partners to embed sustainability practices throughout their daily activities.

At Covestro, we build on a history of innovation to develop new high-tech polymer solutions in polyurethane, polycarbonate and special applications. Our products benefit the environment and society. We continuously invest in process technology to improve safety, reduce the environmental impact of our operations and increase efficiency.

Our approach

We strive for an integrated approach to enhance our sustainable business performance, so we have set ambitious sustainable business targets along our core business value chain.

In our innovation funnel we have created an early assessment of respective product / process innovations on environmental impact, supplemented by a comprehensive Life Cycle Management. Furthermore we have embedded sustainability related risks in the overall risk management process of the company, and have linked our capital expenditure allocation process towards the dimensions of people and the planet as well.