CO2 Technology

From waste gas to raw material

CO₂ - this formula now almost always evokes the vision of it being a huge issue for our environment. But it doesn’t have to remain this way. Covestro has managed to turn the climate-damaging waste gas into a valuable and usable raw material in the production of plastics.
“CO₂ as raw material… the best of both worlds: We can help reduce greenhouse gas emissions and also use less fossil resources. That’s fantastic.”
Dr. Christoph Gürtler, Head of Catalysis Research at Covestro
Covestro saves fossil resources and closes the carbon cycle
Reducing dependency on fossil resources such as oil and natural gas: this is one of the most important challenges that the industrial production industry across the world is facing today. The plastics and chemical industry is also still hugely dependent on the use of oil as a source of carbon. 

Covestro has developed a technology that helps to save fossil resources and close the carbon cycle. With it, raw materials for plastics can be manufactured from the greenhouse gas CO2. In this vein, we offer our partners in the polyurethane industry the possibility to replace a proportion of the oil they would otherwise require with CO2 and thus reduce their carbon footprint. This was achieved with the development of an innovative catalyst that turns the otherwise inert CO2 into a useful element that can be used in further processing.

An initial practical application of CO2 technology by Covestro was the manufacture of filling foam for high-quality mattresses. Covestro experts have since also investigated further potential areas of use, and with success e.g., the use of CO2 as a chemical building block in insulating foams.

You can find more information about Covestro’s CO₂ technology here!
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