Circular economy solutions for increased resource efficiency

Many process and product innovations developed with and for our customers contribute to strengthening a circular economy with greater resource efficiency. The goal of such an approach is to reuse or recycle the materials used throughout the value chain without sacrificing quality and to minimize waste and emissions as much as possible. In many cases our high performance products provide distinct advantages.

We are also working in cross-industry consortiums on methods to make carbon dioxide and waste flows of other industrial sectors usable as raw materials for our products. In order to live up to the growing significance of circular business models and the need for more efficient use of resources, a central coordinating office for circular economy was established at Covestro in 2017 to approve cooperative projects within the entire value chain and validate future potential for process development projects across companies.

Our products are manufactured using carbon. We want to use carbon as intelligently as possible. Increasing carbon productivity means creating more value with fewer carbon-based fossil resources. We work with a group of international organizations in the Carbon Productivity Consortium to develop a generally recognized method for assessing carbon productivity and to make it a tool for  change.