What is PUReWall™?

PUReWall™ is a panelized wall that is designed for use in residential construction. Its innovative design replaces traditional exterior sheathing and replaces it with a combination of polyisocyanurate (polyiso) continuous insulation on the exterior and spray polyurethane foam (SPF) in the wall cavity, both of which are installed at a panelization facility.

PUReWall™ is not only a continuously insulated, highly energy efficient wall, it is also structural. It has a new SPF formulation that works in combination with the polyiso and framing lumber to create a structural wall panel. The SPF is applied in an environmentally controlled setting in the panel facility, which allows for repeatable, tight tolerance construction in a manufactured setting.

The continuous insulation, with taped joints, also functions as a weather-resistant barrier, which eliminates the need for house wrap. The thickness of the continuous insulation can be varied, which makes PUReWall™ scalable. It can be used to meet advancing building codes in any climate zone in the United States.