PUReWall™ – What Builders Need to Know

PUReWall™ - Panels for Residential Construction- Builder
PUReWall™ technology provides a structural and energy efficient wall assembly.
If you’re a builder, you’ve probably experienced the pain of struggling to find a consistent supply of high quality jobsite labor. You’ve probably also thought about, or even implemented, a panelized wall assembly construction process to alleviate some of those workforce bottlenecks. But, the idea of introducing a brand new panelized wall assembly technology, like PUReWall™, to your proven construction process might leave you with some questions.

Covestro understands, and that’s why we’ve spent the last 5 years developing, testing, tweaking, and ultimately, proving PUReWall™ technology. And, we have proactively addressed some your most important questions:

  • Anywhere in the United States! By simply varying the insulation thickness, PUReWall™ is easily configurable to meet or exceed code requirements in North American climate zones 1 – 8, and can even meet net zero-ready requirements.

  • Yes! PUReWall™ is structurally comparable to a traditional wood stud / OSB sheathing wall assembly in racking strength. With appropriate structural connectors, PUReWall™ can be engineered for use in all regions of the United States, including areas with high wind and seismic concerns.

  • It’s typically more cost-effective and energy-efficient. The continuous insulation on PUReWall™ acts as both the exterior sheathing and as a weather-resistant barrier, replacing the traditional sheathing and house wrap. It is highly energy-efficient, and when used in conjunction with spray polyurethane foam, creates a robust, high performance wall using only a 2x4 stud with 24” on center placement.

  • Yes. Through the use of polyiso continuous insulation on the exterior and spray polyurethane foam between the studs, PUReWall™ is scalable to meet current energy codes, including requirements for continuous insulation. PUReWall™ can be designed to perform well beyond existing building codes, making it a good fit for net zero and passive home designs.

  • Per linear foot, the cost of PUReWall™ is typically comparable to or lower than a traditional panelized wall assembly. This is possible because PUReWall™ has components that serve multiple purposes – such as structure, insulation, and barrier control layers – which allow it to eliminate common building materials in the wall assembly.

  • You can email our experts at purewall@covestro.com, or you can go to our contact page and submit a form. Either way, the Covestro team is eager to help!