Continuous medical achievements have the potential to increase the lifespan and the quality of living for billions of people around the globe.

For that purpose the materials on which the treatments are based must be both reliable and versatile. Above all, they have to be absolutely safe in direct contact with the patients. A variety of mechanical assets, such as robustness and flexibility, are also required. Finally, the materials must ensure profitability and efficiency in the day-to-day clinic business.

Polycarbonate moldings, foams based on polyurethane, high-quality films and special foils are some of Covestro’s contributions that stimulate and safeguard medical progress throughout the healthcare sector – in the areas of laboratory, diagnostics, wound care and surgery, as well as in nursing, rehabilitation and self-treatment.

Medical supplies need to resist stresses and strains, and have to ensure cost-effectiveness for health service providers at the same time.

Heavy-duty medical equipment

Power of resistance for a long life-cycle

Medical supplies need to resist a multitude of stresses and strains – and still perform reliably in the long run.

Both for in-patient and mobile treatments, the utilized medical supplies need to resist a multitude of stresses and strains, and still perform reliably in the long run. At the same time, they have to ensure cost-effectiveness for health service providers. This is how Covestro materials meet the industry’s high demands.

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Sustainable and competitive: polyurethane-based textiles

A huge variety and enormous quantities of textiles keep the daily routines of the healthcare sector running smoothly. In order to cover their demand, operators look for easy maintenance, durability, cost-effectiveness, and, increasingly, for sustainable raw materials. They need not look further: Covestro’s high-performance polyurethanes meet their requirements in an optimal way. Bed sheets, surgical table top pads, bandages, scrubs and other hospital clothing benefit from polyurethane’s exceptional material qualities.

Performance under extreme conditions: polycarbonate for critical applications

Some medical applications must withstand extreme conditions, such as heat, aggressive chemicals, and radiation. With our light and robust polycarbonates, we provide a tough substrate material for defibrillators, injection equipment, surgery instruments and many other critical applications. Polycarbonate surfaces resist strong physical shocks, can be sterilized by heat or radiation, and shield the inside of medical devices from dirt and liquids.

The number of people on earth is increasing, and so is the average life expectancy. This presents a challenge to medicine – and to the materials it utilizes.

Curative effect

A wholesome base for getting better

For decades now, high-quality materials provided by Covestro have been supporting medical equipment in the healing process.

An optimal support in the healing process and absolute safeness are top priorities when it comes to medical equipment in direct contact with the human body. In this regard, high-quality materials provided by Covestro have been giving proof of their outstanding performance for decades now. Take a closer look at our well-established product solutions.

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Perfect support for the skin: polyurethane-based wound dressings

Covestro offers specially designed and controlled raw materials for use in medical applications, focusing on advanced wound care. Exemplary applications cover skin-friendly adhesives, highly absorbent foams and waterborne coatings for stretchable and resistant backing films as well as seamless films for dipping applications. Our materials are both free of latex and solvents and antiallergenic.

Special Blown Films for Wound Dressings: high performance with cost efficiency

Customized films are adapted to specific wound treatment requirements as moisture vapor transmission rate, total fluid handling capacity and surface options like high or low friction, matte appearance, soft touch and individual coloring.

All materials are tested in regard of skin and wound contact. High reliability in material, performance and ability to supply is the basis of our successful partnership in the medical industry. Our production site in Northern Germany is committed to the rules of GMP. We are prepared for further new market and regulatory requirements!

Safe and flexible: surgical gloves

Surgical gloves are another highly important medical item that benefits from the qualities of polyurethane. Breathable, airtight, microbe-resistant, flexible, skin-friendly – the material brings together all traits that surgeons rely on when operating on patients.

Medical innovations increase convenience and mobility, while significantly reducing the amount of time that has to actually be spent inside a doctor’s office or hospital.

Wearables and hightech medicine

Boundless progress

Wearables improve convenience and mobility for patients.

Countless medical applications exist already – and new ones are being developed continuously. A big trend are so-called wearables. They improve convenience and mobility for patients, while reducing the amount of time they need to spend inside a doctor’s office or hospital. As technology and design of medical wearable electronics advances, the materials used to make the devices need to keep pace. Breaking new ground in the healthcare industry, manufacturers for good reasons rely on the high-tech materials provided by Covestro.

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The smart way to more efficient healthcare: wearable patches

Despite being in the early stages of their development, wearable patches already are showing great potential for making the lives of patients easier and, at the same time, releasing pressure from our healthcare systems. Stuck to the skin like a Band-Aid and equipped with small electronic components, such as sensors, these patches are able to monitor a person’s health data or deliver medication at regular intervals. Of course, the sensitive electronic parts of a patch need to be embedded in a suitable material substrate. This is exactly what high-performance polyurethane films and adhesives by Covestro provide, thanks to their combination of durability, abrasion resistance and flexibility. We create superior material solutions for wearable patch fixation and electronics embedding technology achieved through joint developments.

Another solution that helps to make the benefits of wearable medical technologies available to the general public is our polycarbonate/polyester blend resins. They stand out due to their durability and chemical resistance and satisfy demanding testing requirements for biocompatibility.

Hightech meets pioneering design: polycarbonate for medical equipment

Thanks to its good biocompatibility along its other merits, polycarbonate produced by Covestro can be used for diverse medical supplies with direct patient contact, for instance infusion systems, catheters, inhalers, syringes, and vials for needle-free, high-pressure injections. Easy to process and to shape, polycarbonate also is suited for the often complex and thin-hulled structures of medical instruments and devices. These include equipment for mobile self-treatment, such as devices for measuring and dosage: insulin pens, injection pens etc. Aside from its toughness, polycarbonate also excels when it comes to designs that are both functional and pleasing to the eye. A harmonious surrounding, after all, contributes to the patients’ emotional well-being and, thus, to their recovery process.