Technical standards evolve at a breathtaking speed – especially in the field of electronics.

There is a demand not just for increasingly smarter and more powerful components, but also for designs that show the high quality of the products at first glance, lifting them up from the mass of new releases. Moreover there is a need for material solutions that protect the complex interior of devices efficiently and in the long run. Raw materials by Covestro provide manufacturers with unbeatable options for each of these aspects.

Polycarbonate can save up to 45 percent of the weight of Ultrabooks.


Leeway for trendsetters

Covestro polycarbonates are the perfect base for consumer electronics with an outstanding look and haptic.

Many advantages make polycarbonates the perfect base for consumer electronics with an outstanding look and haptic. They offer near-limitless freedom of design for developers and thus meet the aesthetical requirements.

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Meeting every taste: diversity in shape and color

Since smartphones and other devices made their triumphal way into our daily life, they have become a status symbol and fashion statement for many users. This makes it increasingly important for developers of new devices to work within the largest possible freedom of design regarding shapes and color options. Covestro polycarbonates set near to no limits to their creativity: the material can be perfectly molded and dyed either transparent or in all imaginable shades.

Where less is more: flat designs

Displays and devices with the slimmest look possible still are among the most important trends in the electronics industry. Reinforced polycarbonate continuously enables new, breathtaking designs here. The material is ideal for the construction of extremely light and thin structures that, at the same time, show the required stability.

Electronic devices surround us every day – the average American household alone owns at least 50 electronic devices and appliances.


Prepared for any case

Materials for electronic devices have to be extremely robust and easy to process in order to meet the modern demands.

As all-time companion in our private life, industry tools, in various outdoor appliances or in medicine: modern electronic devices have to tackle many demands. In order to protect highly complex technologies from all kinds of environmental influences, materials are required that are extremely robust, but easy to process: polycarbonate and polyurethane by Covestro. This is how our raw materials resist the strains of daily life.

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Protected in the long run: resistance

Cases, frames and shells made from polycarbonate or polyurethane are extremely tough: They show excellent stiffness, impact strength and dimensional stability. Where alternative plastics would fail, they can withstand all kinds of mechanical stresses.

Safe choice for the highest standards: resistance to fire and chemicals

Prior to the market approval of electronic devices, manufactures have to prove that the innovations meet all the legal requirements regarding flame resistance. Especially in the main markets EU and USA, the approval criteria become more and more strict. Here, the flame resistant material solutions by Covestro offer planning security for manufacturers.

Moreover, polyurethane integral foams protect electronic parts efficiently from invading dust and aggressive chemicals.

With every generation of devices released, the technological possibilities are pushed further.


More performance thanks to the right material

Covestro raw material brings a significant plus to everyday technologies regarding efficiency and functionality.

The boundaries of what a given technology is capable of are being pushed with every new generation of devices released. It is not least the choice of the right raw material that can bring a significant plus regarding efficiency and functionality. The following examples show how Covestro materials are promoting everyday technologies.

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Economical and durable: thermal insulation

A cooling device’s efficiency is mainly determined by the effectiveness of the insulation material used. Here, polyurethane foams are the material of choice: they insulate better than comparable materials, can be integrated evenly in the interior of the covering and stand out due to their high durability – which benefits the device owner’s budget as well as our nature.

Brilliant pictures: lenses for LED technology

High quality cameras are an indispensable part of modern smartphones and tablets today. Covestro raw materials help to get maximum performance out of the built-in LED lenses. If these lenses are produced of transparent polycarbonate instead of glass, the material’s outstanding heat resistance allows the use of a stronger flashlight. The result: photos are more vivid and colorfast.