What makes a person beautiful? Each one of us has to answer this question for themselves.

What we do to improve the way we look is a very individual decision – and nowadays the possible combinations are nearly boundless. In this situation it is especially important to be able to rely on the flawless quality of the materials used. Polymers by Covestro provide exactly that. They set new standards in the cosmetics industry and feature unmatched qualities with regard to beauty and protection.

What makes Covestro stand out is our cooperative business approach: we develop our customized solutions not just for, but together with our partners in the manufacturing sector.

More than 13 billion euros are spent on cosmetics each year – by German consumers alone.

Decorative cosmetics

Brilliance that lasts

Ingredients provided by Covestro ensure persistence against staining and smearing – for long-lasting colors.

A good makeup emphasizes the natural beauty of a face without drawing a lot of attention to the product itself. This is why irregularities in the distribution and intensity of color should not be tolerated. Our ingredients ensure persistence against staining and smearing – for long-lasting, intensive colors.

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Clear lines and expressive looks: mascara and eyeliners
Our polyurethane-based film-forming agents are the secret behind mascara and eyeliners with a constant color distribution that prevents smearing. The result: clearly defined lines and long, thick eyelashes.
Bright colors and smooth complexion: facial makeup and lipsticks
When it comes to makeup for the facial skin, consumers are looking for excellent distribution of pigments, effective covering of impurities, and a natural and smooth complexion. Covestro’s film formers based on polyurethane make this possible by offering long-lasting face makeup.

Additionally polyurea powder is an ideal sensory additive for intensive & even colors of lipsticks, eyeshadows and face powders.

Long-lasting effect meets sustainability: nail polishes
Until now it was difficult to find durable nail polishes that are also environmentally friendly. Now there is a solution: our water-based film former for long-lasting nail polish formulations that are easy to peel off, don’t smell and give good color payoff.

Hair needs to resist numerous strains each day, such as temperatures above 100 °C during blow-drying.

Hair Styling

Attractive hold and full protection

Covestro film formers ensure beautiful hair, every day.

Covestro provides customized solutions for each aspect of sophisticated hair care. Our film formers demonstrate excellent protection, recovery and styling properties – for beautiful hair, every day. High humidity resistance, heat protection, a strong hold, and enhanced shine are just a few of the many advantages our portfolio comprises.

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Harmonizing hold and flexibility: styling gel
Great hairstyles need strong hold. Unfortunately, this often is associated with an unnatural feeling of stiffness. For a long time, it was either strong hold or lightweight flexibility. Covestro puts an end to this predicament: our new polymers enable advanced hair styling formulations that balance strong hold with a natural and non-tacky feel. The result? Long-lasting, high humidity resistance and best style retention with superior sensory properties.
The perfect supplement to flat irons: heat damage protection
Flat irons inevitably damage hair with high heat, and the damage gets worse the more regularly it occurs – unless the hair is treated with a care product based on our heat-resisting polymer film-forming agents. They shield hair against temperatures of up to 270 °C, and, at the same time, provide flexible hold and a perfect finish on dry hair.
Restoring a healthy look and feel: treatment for overworked hair
Hair that is treated with heat appliances or coloring products on a regular basis runs the risk of turning stressed-out, overworked and damaged. It becomes brittle, breaks easily and develops split ends. These effects can be countered by products utilizing our high-performance raw materials. They visibly repair split ends, but also restore a healthy overall look and feel.
The basis for bouncy, natural curls: frizz prevention
Another one of Covestro’s premium polymer solutions provides the basis for bouncy, natural curls. It not only succeeds in preventing weather-related frizz all day long, it also creates smooth and well-defined strands with a radiant shine.

The increased risk for the skin that comes with excessive sun exposure has made sunscreen a key aspect for today’s beauty care products.

Skin care & sun protection

The safe way to beautiful skin

Covestro polymers protect the skin against environmental stresses while offering nurturing care.

Each skin type requires individual care. Covestro polymers make available a wide range of useful properties for all applications covered by high-quality skin care products: for moisturizing, cleansing, conditioning, and protecting. Get an overview of how we clear the way to healthy, more beautiful skin.

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Smooth and versatile: cleansing, conditioning and treatment products
Raw materials for cleaning masks, foundations, moisturizers, anti-wrinkle creams – our versatile portfolio helps to clean the skin from grease and impurities, creates a perfect basis for long-lasting makeup, and efficiently counters the effects of acne, air pollution and ageing. The substances bring together all traits that consumers look for in skin care products: they are easy to peel off without irritating the skin, facilitate longer-lasting retention of agents on the skin surface, show good rub-off resistance and feel pleasant thanks to a highly flexible and breathable film.
Innovative protection: sunscreen agents
Covestro provides film-forming substances for sunscreens with outstanding water resistance, improved sun protection factor and excellent sensory properties. They do not clot and are quickly absorbed into the skin. What’s more, polyurethane-based sunscreens contain less allergenic substances, such as UV filters, emulsifiers, and preservatives than those based on alternative materials.