Pasquick™ innovates the coating process for wind energy towers

An upturn for wind turbines

More and more wind turbines are appearing all over Europe. Alucrom AB is a supplier for a large number of these projects. But as the demand is increasing rapidly, the company needed a solution that would help to boost production while maintaining the highest quality standards. With its Pasquick™ technology, Covestro contributed a great effort in production.
Coating process for wind energy towers


Satisfying a rapidly increasing demand

In 2008, Alucrom AB shotblasted and painted more than 300,000 m2 of steel towers, but the company was finding it increasingly difficult to keep up with the high demand. They were looking for a solution that enabled them to satisfy the growing number of clients.


Speeding up production by maintaining high quality standards

Alucrom AB recognised that the only way to stay on top of business was to speed up the production process. It therefore set the coating manufacturer Hempel A/S the following mission: to deliver a system with faster-drying low-VOC paint which would speed up production at the factory in Malmö.


A two-coat system and a topcoat with Pasquick™ technology

Hempel was successful. The manufacturer developed a two-coat system based on a zinc epoxy primer and a topcoat with Pasquick™ technology by Covestro. 75.000 litres of Hempel paint had been used during the entire test period and the system is now standard in production. Alucrom AB delivered six complete towers per week to its end consumer EWP and gave the enormous towers an exterior coating of DFT 320 µm. As a result, VOC emission could have been reduced by 30 % and more sections can now be produced per day thanks to the shorter drying time.

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