Desmodur® XP 2802 enables very fast lamination with direct slitting.

Putting outstanding print finishes on paper

Magazine covers, luxury packs (e.g. perfume boxes), business cards, or book covers are turned into luxurious looking prints when laminated. Lamination typically adds a matt, gloss or silky finish, while at the same time protecting the printed product.
Fast lamination with direct slitting.


High-performance adhesives for high-gloss finishes

Highest quality of print products means high and reliable bond strength and a clear finish. In order to ensure the best possible representation of a brand, high-value magazines, for example, have to still look good when the pages have been turned many times.


Enabling time and cost efficient production

These requirements pose a challenge for manufactures regarding the time and cost efficiency of their production processes. Finding a solution to this challenge was the reason behind the close cooperation between Covestro, Celloglas, and Scitech Adhesive Systems. Celloglas is a UK-based company that enables print finishes, while Scitech is a manufacturer focusing on high-performing adhesives.


A perfect fit for gloss lamination

Scitech’s new waterbased adhesive ST4520 based on Covestro’s Desmodur® XP 2802 enables Celloglas to achieve very fast bonding and direct slitting after lamination. What’s more, as the adhesive is a one-component solution, it prevents mixing errors. Thanks to its long pot life of several weeks it even prevents adhesive waste and ensures constant adhesive quality during the application process. As Trevor Jones, owner of Scitech, says, “This adhesive is a perfect fit for gloss lamination since it offers many process and quality advantages to our customers. Its unique characteristics make it not only interesting for gloss lamination but also for flexible food packaging.” This is possible since the Covestro crosslinker can be used for food application according to EU 10/2011. Scitech’s development in collaboration with Covestro is boosting production efficiency also for packaging manufacturers.

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