Polyurethane helps to make pipe coating more efficient

A perfect choice for pipe coatings

The city Al Dhakira in Qatar is undergoing an enormous expansion, which involves the development of a part of the city with new residential and commercial settlements of 275,000 sqm.
Making pipe coating more efficient.


Coating 111 km of new pipeline

An important part of the infrastructure development project is the Al Dhakira Sewage Treatment Plant, which is one of the major treated water projects at the Arabic Gulf of Qatar. About 111 km of new pipeline for sewage and treated sewage water had to be built and provided with coating of the internal surface.


Fast curing for a complex water project

Fast curing was a key requirement in the project. Therefore, polyurethane technology based on Desmodur® and Desmophen® from Covestro has been chosen for this project to coat the internal surface of the pipes. The coating material was manufactured and applied by SADIP, a producer of ductile iron pipes based in Dammam, Saudi Arabia. SADIP is part of the Amiantit Group of Companies.


Perfectly protected under every condition

“The ease of application and the fast cure characteristics at ambient temperature made polyurethane a perfect choice for this project,” says Al Ezzi Ahmed, Production Manager at SADIP.

The coating was spray applied with an in-situ automatically spray application with a 20 second pot-life polyurethane coating. Another important benefit of the polyurethane technology is the resistance to mechanical damages. Pipe coatings based on Desmodur® and Desmophen® ensured optimum balance between flexibility and tensile strength. The target was to deliver coated pipes to the site about 500 km away from the factory in very good condition. “We had very little cracks and damages during the transport and installation of the pipes, which reduced the amount of repair work significantly,” says Raed Roustom, General Manager of the contractor NassTech.

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