Bayblend® and Texin® help tracking patients’ health across in-hospital settings

Recovery made comfortable

Healthcare professionals are enhancing patient care by monitoring vital signs with wireless technology. The Vios Monitoring System analyzes, displays and centralizes patient data in near real-time. It connects patient-worn sensors like a chest sensor and pulse oximeter with a bedside monitor and a central station monitor software.
Medical monitoring system from Vios Medical


A comfortable and reliable patient tracking

To help automate patient oversight and remotely detect problems before they become serious, Vios needed materials that provide high performance under several aspects – from patient safety to durability.


Ensure both biocompability and performance

For the Vios Chest Sensor, medical OEM Vios Medical needed materials that would not irritate a patient’s skin, yet offer durability and protection for the inner components.


Bayblend® and Texin® ensuring both biocompability and performance

Covestro offered two materials to meet the wearable device’s biocompability and performance needs. The mobile monitoring device’s housing utilizes Bayblend® M301 FR. Texin® RxT70A thermoplastic polyurethane is featured on the hinge, feet, button and seal. The Bayblend® blend is ideal for medical devices with housings that require biocompatibility with intact skin. Additionally, the white polycarbonate can be custom colored and thus has excellent impact resistance and surface appearance to create an aesthetically pleasing device.

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Facts & figures in a nutshell


  • Vios Medical, Inc.


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  • Bayblend® M301 FR
  • Texin RxT70A


  • Wearable chest sensor