Desmodur® eco N 7300 helps to reduce the use of fossil resources for locomotives.

Sustainable mobility enabled by nature

The transport industry is looking for concepts to decrease its carbon footprint and improve vehicle sustainability. In this context, renewable coatings can be used to protect any means of transport in a more sustainable manner, and thus reduce the carbon footprint, e.g. in goods transportation. Rail vehicles are no exception.
Sustainable mobility enabled by nature


Pushing sustainability of rail vehicles even further

Transporting passengers or cargo by rail is already a more sustainable form of mobility than road transport. However, the ambitious task of the collaboration between Lankwitzer, Newag and Covestro was to reduce the use of fossil resources for locomotive coatings even further. Product of choice for the mission was the bio-based hardener Desmodur® eco N 7300.


Reducing the carbon footprint while meeting high customer demands

Lankwitzer’s customer Newag, a leading Polish rail vehicle manufacturer, was driven by the desire to continuously meet customer demands while bringing added value to its customers. Mateusz Fedko, the Newag Project Manager, saw renewable coatings as a key selling point for the company’s diesel locomotives: “A new coating has to fulfill customer specifications, and when it adds value as well, like this bio-based clear coat, this certainly is a great way to differentiate us from our competitors.”


Renewable coating brings added value

The coating application went as smoothly as the company’s standard clear coat does. Results from tests performed by Lankwitzer and Covestro have demonstrated the clear coat’s excellent performance and proved that it complies with rail industry specifications. Besides a 70% higher scratch resistance and gloss stability compared to standard systems, resistance properties regarding graffiti removal agents are excellent. And Michael Voxbrunner (Lankwitzer) points out: “I’m sure this bio-based clear coat will bring added value to our customers in other industries as well.”

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