Makrolon® makes LED lamps more energy efficient

Dealing with the heat

Lighting accounts for 15 percent of the world’s energy consumption and for 5 percent of greenhouse gas emissions. LED lamps are one energy-efficient lighting option – offering numerous advantages, particularly in combination with high-performance plastics such as Makrolon® polycarbonate.
Dealing with the heat


Support energy-efficient LED lighting

Switching to energy-efficient lighting reduces the worldwide energy requirement by over one thousand terawatt hours each year and CO2 emissions by 530 million metric tons. That’s why Covestro wanted to establish a wider range of products for LED lighting. One area of focus has been thermally conductive polycarbonate.


Reaching the highest level of energy efficiency

Despite improvement with respect to the efficiency of LEDs, the lamps have not yet reached the level of efficiency possible, because a portion of the energy is converted into heat. This heat must be dissipated via cooling elements to ensure a high light yield and long service life of the lamps.


Makrolon® TC8030 for bright thermal and design properties

To answer this industry need, Covestro has launched the thermally conductive polycarbonate Makrolon® TC8030. It ensures good thermal management – but offers significantly more freedom of design than aluminum, which is commonly used for this purpose and has a much higher negative impact on the environment.

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