LED Bikes Lightning: Makrolon® helps to fulfill children’s wishes for lighted bike

A bright idea for bicycles

The imagination of kids is limitless. While some things they dream up are simply not feasible, some ideas are – like the ultimate superhero light-up bicycle. Phantom Frames creates the first transparent LED bike frame combining the strength of our Makrolon® polycarbonate with LED lights.
LED bike frame


A bike that can be lit

After the founder and president of Phantom Frames learned of his six-year-old son’s wish for a bike that could “light up”, the idea to develop a transparent bike frame with internal illumination grew. So he started to source the components needed for his very personal project.


Transparency that keeps up with the pace of the young

Since Phantom Frames is creating children’s bicycles, the quality and consistency of the materials used is very important. The bike frame had to be transparent to transmit the light – but at the same time extremely robust. Thus, Phantom Frames was looking not only for a high-performance material, but also for technical support.


A material both versatile and cost-efficient

The durability of Makrolon® 2807 thermoplastic, paired with its light weight, made it the ideal material for Phantom Frames. The material’s glass-like transparency allows the light to pass through the material easily. In the production process, this medium-viscosity grade of Makrolon® polycarbonate is easily released from the mold. At the end of the day, a boy’s wish turned into a bright new business: today the bike is available in five colors with flashing features.

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