Pasquick® speeds up the rejuvenation of parking spaces

A repaint for an outdated car park

The Merry Hill multi-story car park features a total of 1,000 parking spaces for visitors to one of the UK´s most successful shopping centers in the West Midlands. In order to rejuvenate the two 9,000 m² internal car parking decks, Covestro contributed its Pasquick™ technology.
Speeding up the rejuvenation of parking spaces.


Rejuvenate 18,000 m² of parking spaces

As the middle parking level of the Merry Hill car park had been closed for seven years due to continual water ingress from the roof deck, both the owner and the centre management aimed to return as many bays as soon as possible and therefore needed a fast curing system.


Fast return to service required

The owners were looking for a deck coating that offered more than just durability and ease of cleaning. “It was even more important for the asset owner that the high aesthetical properties of the topcoat maximize the transformation of the parking decks, but at the same time allow a fast return to service”, states Tim Whittaker, Director USL StructureCare..


Durability meets aesthetics with coatings based on Pasquick™ technology

In order to return the intermediate decks to use as soon as possible, USL StructureCare chose a fast cure top coat based on Pasquick™ technology as part of their DeckProtect+ Rapidflex system. As both the middle and the lowermost building levels were partially enclosed and natural daylight into the car park quite limited, USL StructureCare were keen to use a deck coating with a vibrant and colorful finish, adding an aesthetic look to the highly durable floor coatings. A contrasting green, grey and blue top coat was used to provide maximum visual impact and a feeling of comfort and safety for the shopping center´s customers.

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