Bayhydur® helps to protect kitchen surfaces

Kitchen protection made more sustainable

The furniture industry has long been a front-runner in the implementation of waterborne solutions as an alternative to solvent-borne systems. However, some waterborne technologies cannot compete in performance with solvent-based 2K polyurethane (PU) systems.
Protecting kitchen surfaces.


Achieving sustainability and performance

The aim of Covestro’s collaboration with Adler and Poggenpohl was to show that 2K PU waterborne systems for Bayhydur®-based wood coatings are comparable or even better than their solvent-borne counterparts in terms of chemical and mechanical resistance, and deliver a significant reduction in VOC emissions.


Long-lasting furniture with lower environmental impact

With its long history of innovation, Poggenpohl is constantly looking for new and better ways of making long-lasting furniture, and reducing its environmental impact at the same time. 2K waterborne (WB) coatings are the only waterborne technology capable of meeting the requirements of high-end applications. By choosing the right type of Bayhydur® hardener, it is possible to adjust and boost the performance of the coating system to meet the specific requirements of nearly every piece of furniture.


Added value with 2K waterborne polyurethane coatings

Poggenpohl has been using Adler’s 2K WB PU coatings for some years now, as Christiane Danielsmeyer, Marketing Manager at Poggenpohl, explains: “We chose Adler’s 2K waterborne systems not only because of their lower environmental impact, but also due to their high product quality, high process stability and reproducibility, and comparatively lower processing times.” The development of latest-generation Bayhydur® types has significantly increased their chemical resistance to stains like coffee and wine, even in white pigmented systems – a quality that comes hand in hand with easy incorporation and robustness. And as Dr. Albert Rössler, Head of R&D at ADLERWerk Lackfabrik, points out: “Today, water-based polyurethane systems enable environmentally friendly furniture lacquers to be produced without sacrificing quality. Covestro is always an innovative partner, especially with their Bayhydur® portfolio.”

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