Bayhydur® eco helps to ecologically protect high-end design furniture

More sustainable protection for bath and kitchen

Society has generally understood the need to cut greenhouse gas emissions through reducing consumption of fossil-based resources. The use of natural products (e.g. oils or waxes) to protect wood surfaces is nothing new, but the disadvantage of such systems is their poor performance in demanding environments such as kitchens or baths.
More sustainable protection for bath and kitchen


Pushing the boundaries of sustainable furniture

The furniture industry has been a front-runner in the implementation of waterborne solutions as an alternative to traditional solventborne systems. However, the sustainability of furniture can be improved even further. This is what the collaboration between Sirca, RiFRA and Covestro had to prove.


Quality and style with added value

The aim of this collaboration was to reduce the use of fossil resources for wood coatings through the bio-based hardener Bayhydur® eco, and thus make plant-based wood coatings possible that do not come at the expense of performance. Sirca’s customer RiFRA was very interested in trying this novel bio-based coating on one of its new furniture collections. RiFRA saw renewable coatings as a key feature to enhance the end consumer’s wellbeing with materials more in harmony with the environment. Matteo Rivolta, CEO of RiFRA, explains: “A new coating has to bring quality and style, but if it creates additional value for consumers as this renewable coating does, this certainly is a great step forward to a more sustainable living.”


Renewable coating that boosts performance

The coating application was as smooth to the touch as the company’s standard clear coat is, delivering the same excellent performance as conventional fossil-based coatings. And as Maurizio Durante, the Sirca Vice-President, points out, “Sirca has been developing bio-based systems for some years now, but most raw materials could not meet the quality level our customers require. Bayhydur® eco boosted the hardness and chemical resistance of the renewable system and contributed to create an outstanding coating.”

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