Pasquick™ helps to refurbish floors in a quick and economic way

Floor refurbishment on the fast track

As the Covestro Elastomers technical center in France was extended a few years ago, the total area of 270 m² consisted of an old and a new concrete floor. The existing floor coating suffered from insufficient quality. Thanks to the inventive Pasquick™ technology of Covestro, a fast return to service could be ensured after the refurbishment of the floor coating.
Refurbishment of floors in a quick and economic way


Bringing back full quality to the floor

Insufficient adhesion and a lack of impact resistance, which was causing partial delamination – these were only some of the reasons why the floor coating of the technical center needed a refurbishment. The Elastomers team was looking for a solution that could bring the center back to service within a very short time.


Make a quick return to operation possible

The main requirements for this refurbishment project were fast return to service due to short lead-time production and full utilization of the technical center. Furthermore, high aesthetics combined with easy-to-clean properties of the floor were crucial for an area frequented by external visitors.

Every downtime day at the technical center delays important production batches for application tests or customers trials of the Elastomers team. A conventional three-coat system requires a standard of five days curing downtime.


Quick refurbishment thanks to Pasquick™ based Kryptanate 100

The Pasquick™ technology is perfectly suited to meet the requirements of minimal construction site downtime without any concession to performance or handling. With Pasquick™-based Kryptanate 100 it was possible to reinstall the machines already on the third day. After the application of the basecoat, the square was sprinkled with flakes in black, gray and white to provide an appealing natural stone look. The subsequent Pasquick™-based Kryptanate 100 clear topcoat layer ensures the necessary durability and easy-to-clean properties of the floor.

By using the high-performance Krypton Chemical coating system based on Pasquick™ technology, the technical center management has minimized the downtime as much as possible and ensured that the refurbished floor will maintain its appealing look for many years to come.

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