Apec® FR1892 helps to improve eye protection for firefighters

Keeping an eye on safety

As firefighters have to deal with dangerous situations, heat and smoke, a good protection is essential. Polycarbonate’s tough, heat-resistant and good optical properties make it ideal for use in visors for firefighter helmets.
Keeping an eye on safety


Creating the best fire helmet possible

The requirements for firefighters’ helmets become stricter. For this reason, manufacturers need materials with flame resistant properties. One of them is the polish helmet manufacturer KZPT, who sought a material for visors that could defeat the heat by passing the stringent safety tests in Poland and Germany as well as the Polish Institute of Labor Protection.


Providing a clear view under all circumstances

The visors do not only need to protect the faces and especially the eyes of firefighters, but also enable a clear view in hostile, flame- and smoke-filled environments. At the same time it is important for the visor to have a good appearance.


Heat protection made from Covestro’s high-heat polycarbonates

Covestro developed Apec® FR 1892 polycarbonate, a high-heat, amorphous, high-performance thermoplastic from Covestro. It fulfils the thermal requirements defined in the standard EN 443:2008 for firefighters’ helmets. The material is injection molded, then metallized, resulting in a durable visor with a distinctive appearance.

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