Desmodur®N helps to create the perfect coating for an innovative e-mobility design concept.

A new color concept for e-mobility

The innovative design concept for electric vehicles by Covestro reflects current trends in surface design. Through the use of synthetic materials, these developments offer new perspectives for comfortable, functional and energy-efficient cars with a clear focus on lightweight constructions.
A new color concept for e-mobility


A coating as advanced as the technology beneath

Innovative e-mobility designs ask for a coating as sustainable and capable as the car itself. In order to underline the technological features of its design concept, Covestro teamed up with the expertise of BASF's Coatings division and the design and color competence of its premium brand R-M®.


Reaching highest performance standards

The innovative automotive refinishing paint system developed by R-M® had to fulfil high sustainability, efficiency and performance demands. Thanks to its specific formulation, the waterborne basecoat and the clear coat based on Covestro’s Desmodur® N 3900 low viscous isocyanate crosslinker almost achieve the high performance of modern polyurethane OEM coatings.


A new eye-catcher on the road

The pigment basecoat “Verbosian Orange” was exclusively designed to highlight the innovative power and technical appearance of electric vehicles. “Orange as a color has the properties of attentiveness and presence while also being very warm and emotional. In other words, orange ideally represents energy. For the visual effect we used a bright metallic orange that harmonizes with the attached black and anthracite parts. It’s quite literally an eye-catcher,” explains Mark Gutjahr, Head of Automotive Color Design Europe at BASF. The clear coat that protects the colored coating layer below is based on polyurethane raw materials from Covestro and cures rapidly, even at low temperatures. Other advantages include very good coating adhesion and excellent flow thanks to the low viscosity.

Every year, the global design team of BASF's Coatings Division develops the color trends for the automotive industry. PARALLAX, the 2016/17 collection, includes 65 brand-new color shades that reflect global as well as regional trends.

R-M®’s high performance refinish clear coats let these colors shine and demonstrate the high performance of Desmodur® N.

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