Bayblend® ensures a long life for Li-Ion pedelec batteries

Protection for permanent pedal power

Although today’s batteries for pedelecs and e-bikes are efficient, they are exposed to several kinds of wear and tear: when a pedelec falls, the battery may hit the ground. Also, the devices are frequently exposed to harsh weather conditions. Covestro helped BMZ, a leading system supplier of Li-Ion batteries, to optimally protect their batteries.
intelligent material solution for LiIon pedelec batteries


Bringing the next generation Li-Ion batteries on the way

The new BMZ UR-V5 batteries are mounted on a bike frame and can be removed for charging with a simple swiveling movement. To ensure the reliability of the devices, the company was searching for a partner for material and technical support.


Unite thinness with toughness

BMZ needed materials that could be processed efficiently and precisely – preventing water from penetrating the housing even in the thin coverings demanded today. Another important aspect was the flame retardancy as temperatures may go up close to the battery. At the same time, the parts had to be as lightweight as possible to enable efficient operation.


Switching off all difficulties with Bayblend® resins

Covestro supported the company with a durable, lightweight and safe material solution in combination with technical CAE assistance. Several battery components are formed from the Bayblend® resins: flame-retardant Bayblend® FR3040 forms the cell holder inside the Li-Ion battery and also the insulating plates. For the battery housing components, the impact-resistant Bayblend® T65 XF was used.

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Facts & figures in a nutshell
  • BMZ GmbH
  • Electromobility
  • Bayblend® FR3040
  • Bayblend® T65 XF
  • Pedelec batteries