Apec 1745 boosts patient treatment efficiency

High-heat polycarbonate for high-level disinfection

Many factors can contribute to a patient’s waiting time, including the time needed to disinfect instruments after each treatment. The Tristel Stella system shortens the time needed to disinfect instruments, helping boost patient treatment efficiency by up to 87 percent.
Hight-heat polycarbonate for high-level disinfection


Introducing a new disinfection system

Tristel Solutions Limited, a multi-brand group serving three markets in the health sector, developed the stella system, a high level disinfection system to make the disinfection of medical instruments faster and more thorough in order to reduce waiting time for patients. For this purpose, they needed a suitable material.


Meeting all requirements for disinfection systems

For Tristel, there were many factors to consider when finding a suitable material. One of those was the time required to disinfect medical equipment, which Tristel wanted to reduce significantly. On top of that, the disinfection system needed to be bio-compatible according to ISO 10993-1 test requirements.


One high-heat polycarbonate – many advantages

To meet the requirements Tristel had with regard to its stella system, they turned to Apec 1745 high-heat polycarbonate from Covestro. Apec 1745 is unique in its ability to withstand temperatures as high as 134°C, significantly reducing the time required to disinfect medical equipment. In fact, this speedy high level disinfection system cycle can greatly increase the efficiency in fast-paced clinical and hospital environments. Apec 1745 offers proven performance and features a unique combination of properties, including ultra-high heat resistance and impact strength, which is ideal for supporting and enhancing the sterilization process of non-invasive medical devices. On top of that, it allows to mold the large contamination tray in one piece, reducing the time for assembly and eliminating the risk of liquid leakage. The glass-like transparency of Apec 1745 enables the user to monitor the entire disinfection process.

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