Digital printing revolutionizes the industry.

Impressive perspectives for individual design

Design is a matter of taste. Whether it´s cars or sneakers – different people prefer different styles and colors. However with regards to efficient production, this holds new challenges for manufacturers.
Revolutionizing the industry.


Open up new ways for customized designs

Individualization of products has become a standard demand in many industries. In order to meet the needs of their customers, manufactures have to tap into new possibilities for customized designs that allow for both differentiation and efficiency.


Serving high demands while achieving efficiency

Coating and adhesives manufacturers are looking for individualized production technologies that save resources and make use of automated and efficient work processes. Manufacturers are already waiting for innovative ideas that allow tapping into further options. One that fulfils all these requirements in a suitable way is digital printing.


Introducing revolutionary production processes

Known as a highly flexible and precise technology, digital printing opens up new possibilities for the production process.

For Covestro the possibilities digital printing offers go far beyond attending the trend of individual production. Because digital printing is a high-precision process in which the product can be applied drop by drop, the properties of the resultant coating can be selected individually for each and every point on a surface. “Additional advantages include the efficient use of resources, the avoidance of overspray and fully automated and highly efficient work processes, combined with consistent coating quality,” says Dr. Jörg Tillack, Senior Project Manager for digital printing.

“Yet, the technology is still in its infancy, and no one knows in which industries it will ultimately replace conventional methods,” Tillack states. “But one thing is certain: Advancements in digital printing are paving the way to a revolution that will completely change many industries.”

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