Desmophen® NH increases productivity and flexibility in bodyshops.

Exceptional gloss, exceptional speed

In bodyshops, the application of conventional clearcoats is a cost- and time-intensive process. The overall process from preparation to polishing can take up to 100 minutes and for most bodyshops the drying oven is a bottleneck in their repair process.
Exceptional gloss, exceptional speed


Saving time and money

Bodyshop owners are looking for increased flexibility in order to save time and money. Flexibility, however, usually comes at the expense of stock-keeping a variety of products.


Higher flexibility at lower costs

Using Desmophen® NH and Desmodur® N as a basis, Covestro’s customer U-Pol developed their RAPID clearcoat system to address the bodyshops’ needs and deliver high value to users. Modern clearcoat systems based on polyaspartics technology offer the freedom to choose between oven, IR or air drying at ambient temperatures. At the same time, they achieve a perfect finish and reduce polishing time.


Shorter process time plus gloss and flexibility

This ultra-fast RAPID clearcoat system provides a high degree of flexibility and can be oven baked in 10 minutes, IR dried in 10 minutes or air dried in 65 minutes. “RAPID has been developed with the primary objectives needed for today’s car repairer; that’s speed to reduce cycle times, flexibility in curing, and maintaining high profitability. It really is the clearcoat for the 21st century,” U-Pol’s CEO Guy Williams explains. Bodyshops are experiencing productivity gains of up to 40% as process time goes down by an average of 80 minutes per job. The high-solid, low-VOC clearcoat system has an extended open time, which enables multiple panels to be coated simultaneously.

Another benefit of the system is that just one hardener is needed for all applications, which reduces the complexity of stock-keeping. The goal of the clearcoat system was to reduce not just curing time but also overall process time through a high-gloss “spray gun finish”. Bodyshop owners highly appreciate saving an entire step in the process. Now bodyshops can benefit from the new Rapid clearcoat system, demonstrate the high automotive refinishing performance of 2K PUR clearcoats based on Desmophen® NH and Desmodur® N from Covestro.

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