Bayblend® resins enable quick and safe battery replacement

A battery for less fossil fuel consumption

Reducing fossil fuel consumption and CO2 emissions is a driving force for growth in the electric propulsion of vehicles. Enhancements to rechargeable batteries are needed to help electromobility gain ground. The innovative GreenPack® replaceable battery system provides safe and quick battery replacement.
A battery for less fossil fuel consumption


Enabling a wider use of electric mobility

Users of battery-powered electric cars and mopeds, industrial vacuum cleaners and lawn mowers need a dependable and universal battery module which they can replace quickly and safely. Constin’s GreenPack® lithium-ion rechargeable battery module is designed to power such mobile and stationary applications.


A material that withstands high strains and temperatures

As users repeatedly exchange the battery, Constin needed a material for their system that could deal with a high wear and tear. While recharging the old battery in a separate charging unit, the user can go on using the electric device with another fully charged GreenPack® battery.


Flame-retardant Bayblend® resins for safe and economical battery housing

Bayblend® PC+ABS blend resins from Covestro offered the combination of properties required to ensure the functionality and safe operation of the battery modules. The bright green housing of the GreenPack® battery is made of flame-retardant Bayblend® FR3010 PC+ABS blend resin. The cell holder is formed from Bayblend® FR3040 PC+ABS blend resin. The polycarbonate blends can be molded easily, and processed quickly and economically – features which are highly important for this application.

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