Bayblend® offers a style upgrade for automotive interiors

Thinking outside the (glove) box

Consumers want customization – be it in their homes, wardrobes or automobiles. The latter holds true not only for the luxury segment. Buyers of small- and mid-sized cars also are looking for greater individuality in automotive interiors. To meet this trend, Covestro developed a material and a process concept that enables the cost-effective production of decorative car interior components.
Thinking outside the box


The luxury of customization at economy prices

Consumers are increasingly requesting the customized styling elements and interior designs previously reserved for premium cars. Car manufacturers need to find ways to satisfy these demands – without entering the luxury-car price range.


Keeping quality high and costs low

High-quality surfaces and customized automotive interior components were long considered to costly outside the premium car segment. To bring these features to a broader range of consumers, automakers must find a new material and process while maintaining cost-effective production.


Outstanding surface quality for every request

In the company-wide “Surface Technologies” project, Covestro developed an integrated polycarbonate-based material and process concept as a perfectly suitable solution. One example: a glove box cover made with Bayblend® PC+ABS blend resin. It ensures outstanding surface quality, even when using physical foaming such as the MuCell® process, allowing manufacturers to skip one coating step – and thus efficiently save costs and time.

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