Flipping the switch to energy-efficient LED lighting

At Covestro’s Shanghai office, things are looking brighter than ever before. Literally. The redecorated office now uses LED light tubes from Skyworth. According to tubes producer Skyworth, the 4,000 light tubes with tubes extruded from Makrolon® polycarbonate, reduce monthly electricity costs by about 25 percent. Because the lights are long lasting, maintenance costs are also reduced.
LED lighting at the Covestro Shanghai office

The LED tubes that use Covestro polycarbonate are tough, impact resistant, easy to control and have advanced features that enable directional light, accurate color-reproduction and a stable correlated color temperature. All of these excellent characteristics help make this new open office a more colorful and brighter place.

The positive effects Covestro’s Shanghai office has experienced are being replicated in offices all over the world as organizations flip the switch from old technology to cost- and energy-efficient LED lighting utilizing polycarbonate.

Polycarbonate offers much better impact strength and a higher class of flame retardance performance when compared to PMMA. This is important, particularly in the Japanese market. Due to frequent earthquakes, Japan has set up safety requirements to avoid tubes or A-lamps exploding and shattering with the potential to cause human injury. These safety requirements also apply to restaurants and food storage environments to keep food safe. Polycarbonate represents the best combination of performance properties to meet key requirements for LED tube applications. (see table)

Polycarbonate performance properties

Key Requirement Testing Method Polycarbonate PMMA Glass Indicator
Light weight Density 1.19~1.20 g/cm³ 1.15~1.19 g/cm³ 2.40~2.80 g/cm³ The lower the better
Transmission Luminous Transmittance (@2.0mm) 88~90% ~92% >90% The higher the better
Impact Strength Ductile Brittle Brittle
Processing (Molding) Melt Temperature 280~300°C 240~270°C >500°C The lower the better
Heat resistance HDT ~125°C ~100°C >500°C The higher the better
Flame retardance UL94 burning behavior V2-V0 HB V0>V2>HB

For LED diffusors, Covestro provides customers with a total solution that consists of injection molding and extrusion grades of polycarbonate resin, semi-finished polycarbonate sheets of different thicknesses and polycarbonate films.

Along with its materials, Covestro also provides its materials expertise – proactively providing on-site technical service, actively solving technical problems, providing a global, stable product supply and efficiently responding to customers’ inquiries. By doing so, Covestro is helping to facilitate the switch to cost-efficient and energy-efficient LED lighting.

For more information, visit solutions.covestro.com/en/materials/plastics or email plastics@covestro.com.

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