A guiding light

Street lamps need a focused light to bring as much illumination to a road or sidewalk as possible. First-generation street lamps used individual secondary optics for each LED protected by a transparent cover.
Makrolon® LED2247 polycarbonate – a new, highly transparent material with UV stabilization

Today, combining functionalities of secondary optics and covers using lens arrays makes light guiding with protection a snap, especially with our Makrolon® LED2247 polycarbonate – a new, highly transparent material with UV stabilization.

Makrolon® LED2247 polycarbonate offers several advantages for applications ranging from light guides to collimator optics and secondary optics:

  • High transmission for transparent optical parts (secondary optics, lens arrays)
  • UV stabilization for an improved outdoor service performance
  • Excellent flowability to realize larger, thin wall parts
  • Higher flowability compared to competitive grades

Our polycarbonate grades for optical lenses and light guides offer greater design freedom and energy efficiency. In comparison with the production process used for glass, our materials consume lower energy – ultimately improving cost efficiencies. Polycarbonate can be used for eye-catching new lamp designs, and its ability to reduce components in replacement lamps supports potential manufacturing cost savings. Additionally, polycarbonate combines high flame retardance with impact strength.

For LED applications, our polycarbonate is available in injection molding and extrusion grades of resin, semi-finished products of different thicknesses and films. These materials are available for secondary optics and light guides, diffusors, reflectors and heat sinks. Additionally, with Covestro’s material expertise, we proactively provide on-site technical service, actively solve technical problems, provide a global and stable product supply and efficiently respond to customer challenges.

For more information, visit https://solutions.covestro.com/en/materials/plastics or email plastics@covestro.com.

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