New polycarbonates make a mark in drug delivery and surgical devices

Healthcare OEMs are focused on creating life-enhancing solutions that address current and emerging healthcare trends. To give them access to a wide range of polycarbonate materials for their applications, we recently launched two new medical-grade polycarbonate families. From aiding in smooth delivery to providing superior strength, these polycarbonates have what it takes to meet the demands for today’s drug delivery and surgical devices.
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We expanded our materials offering with two new medical-grade polycarbonate families for reliable drug delivery and surgical devices.

Take auto-injectors and injection pens, for example. These devices are changing how patients receive treatment by shifting medication from the hospital to the comfort of their home. Since they are expected to operate consistently every time, low-friction components play an important role in ensuring smooth, reliable injections for patients.

We built on polycarbonate’s superior performance to meet challenging low-friction requirements with new low-friction polycarbonates for drug delivery devices. Our three new medical-grade polycarbonate grades – Makrolon® M204 LF, Makrolon® M402 LF and Makrolon® M404 LF – feature reduced coefficients of friction and deliver the excellent dimensional and mechanical properties of polycarbonate while eliminating the need for external lubricants.

Low-friction Makrolon® polycarbonates feature lower deployment forces, durability and biocompatibility according to ISO 10993-1, and sterilizable with various methods, including autoclave, ethylene oxide and radiation (e-Beam, gamma).

We also expanded our materials offering to give healthcare OEMs access to a wide range of glass-filled polycarbonates for surgical and drug delivery applications that demand stiffness and strength, such as load-bearing internal components for drug delivery devices and handles for minimally invasive or laparoscopic surgical tools. 

These new grades are divided into two series with varying levels of reinforcement:

  • High-performance series: Makrolon® M810 GF, Makrolon® M820 GF and Makrolon® M830 GF polycarbonate.
  • High-flow series: Makrolon® M410 GF, Makrolon® M420 GF and Makrolon® M430 GF polycarbonate, which are used for filling larger or thinner parts with improved productivity.

Makrolon® GF polycarbonates also offer the following benefits:

  • Biocompatibility according to ISO 10993-1 for applications less than 30 days
  • Superior rigidity and strength
  • High-gloss surface achievable with rapid heat cycle molding
  • Higher tensile modulus and tensile strength, and improved dimensional stability under stress when compared to unfilled polycarbonate

Our global healthcare marketing leader, Doug Hamilton, explains why these developments are making a mark in the healthcare industry:

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