Comfort and convenience come together in enhanced auto-injector

Over the past decade, more patients have turned to auto-injectors – drug delivery devices that automatically administer an injectable dose. These devices simplify self-administration, improve safety and encourage compliance for patients. However, despite these advantages, many patients still experience anxiety over affordability, portability and usability.
Enhanced autoinjector
Several components of the Pirouette Medical auto-injector are injection molded with Makrolon® 2458 polycarbonate.

Pirouette Medical answered the call for a solution to these pain points with a patented, lower-cost, portable, low-profile, highly differentiated auto-injector for ease-of-use and safety while dosing epinephrine and other medications. The device makes performing an injection as easy as pushing a button, according to Pirouette Medical. It works like this: To perform the injection, a safety cover is removed from the bottom of the device and then the device is applied to the injection location. Finally, the user activates the device to perform the injection by pushing down on the top of the auto-injector. These slow, easy and controlled steps are designed to help reduce anxiety.

Pirouette Medical chose strong and tough Makrolon® 2458 polycarbonate to injection mold several components of its disk-shaped device. This high-flow grade is highly moldable and enables thin-walled designs – an important attribute when for creating a convenient, easy-to-carry device.

Makrolon® 2458 polycarbonate offers a variety of additional benefits to Pirouette Medical’s device, including:

  • Biocompatibility according to ISO 10993-1 test requirements
  • Availability in transparent and opaque colors
  • Low viscosity to allow for injection molding processes and design freedom
  • Easy release characteristics for processing
  • Excellent dimensional stability

While at MD&M West, Conor Cullinane, Ph.D., president and CEO, Pirouette Medical, shared why the company turned to Covestro materials for its revolutionary auto-injector:

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