At CES 2020, we saw how healthcare and consumer electronics converge through new trends that are driving innovation.

Healthcare and consumer electronics converge at CES

CES has been the premier showcase for new products and must-have gadgets for more than 50 years. Held annually in Las Vegas, this electronics mecca attracts over 175,000 attendees. During this year’s show, January 7-10, our global healthcare marketing leader, Doug Hamilton, learned about the latest consumer products that merge healthcare and technology. Here’s a recap of the top three trends that caught his eye during the show.

While Fitbits and their kin have been around for years, innovation is driving wearable devices into new arenas. This was evident at the Wearables Tech Summit – held concurrently with CES – which showcased wearables that offer a therapeutic benefit to wearers. Take the Apollo device, for example. According to Apollo Neuroscience, its scientifically validated wearable actively helps your body adapt to stress for better focus, sleep, energy, relaxation and more. To make sure that the device has the required durability, Apollo selected our Makroblend® M525 PC+polyester blend. In cases where pharmaceuticals would have been prescribed in the past, this class of wearables can now be the first-line prescription to help patients lead better lives.

Covestro Healthcare and consumer electronics
At the Covestro booth, CES attendees had the opportunity to try the Apollo wearable for themselves.

Along with the emergence of these devices, traditional wearables are also evolving. Several devices are now incorporating blood pressure measurement. Since clinical validation is essential for this functionality, exhibitors strived to highlight how their device’s performance compared to the gold standard blood pressure cuff used in medical facilities around the world.

At the Digital Health Summit held at CES, there was a lot of discussion about consolidating data from wearables to create a coherent assessment of patient health. These conversations made it clear that devices have to get the three Ds – design, data and diagnosis – right in order to be successful in the long term. The informed and empowered consumer with access to detailed biometrics will be a disruptive force in the healthcare market for years to come, benefiting from better outcomes and lower medical costs.

Lastly, a third healthcare trend – sleep health – was evident through devices and technologies that help you fall and stay asleep, improve your sleep and measure overall sleep quality every night. Dr. Oz talked about the importance of sleep and how lack of it is associated with many chronic diseases. Major players in this space, such as Philips Healthcare, showcased their sleep technologies. Additionally, Serta shared a booth with Sleep Score Labs and International Fragrances and Flavors (IFF) – highlighting the new alliances forming in this area.

While CES 2020 has come to an end, we now get to see new, cutting-edge devices enter the market. As the leading supplier of polycarbonate to the healthcare industry, we are excited to be a partner in this technology revolution. We look forward to witnessing future innovations take the stage in Las Vegas, and seeing polycarbonate used in even more healthcare devices!

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