A strong bond with high-heat polycarbonate

Attention molders: High-heat polycarbonate from Covestro is the ideal choice for silicone overmolding. This process—which is used to create soft-hard designs in healthcare applications, among others—requires good adhesion performance between silicone elastomers and thermoplastics. Yet, it’s often challenging to meet adhesion requirements, even when using a primer.
Apec® 1745 polycarbonate is an ideal choice for LSR overmolding in a variety of applications, such as respiratory masks.

Apec® 1745 polycarbonate also assures the fastest possible curing time for Momentive’s self-bonding LSR. As a result, it reduces curing times by up to 50 percent and leads to lower production costs when compared to standard polycarbonate. This medical grade features outstanding clarity and is appropriate for repeated steam sterilization up to 143° C. Additionally, it can be used in healthcare applications with a soft edge or surface, such as respiratory masks, soft touch tips and products that require gaskets.

We assess each application to find the ideal material for the job, and for the silicone overmolding process, our high-heat polycarbonate was the right fit.

For more information, email us: plastics@covestro.com.

Apec® is a registered trademark of the Covestro Group.

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