Meeting medical challenges at CMEF

The China International Medical Equipment Fair (CMEF) spring show is right around the corner. On May 14-17, the entire healthcare value chain will come together to highlight the latest medical device products and technologies at the National Exhibition and Convention Center in Shanghai. In Hall 6.1 at Booth No.6.1O23, we will share our material solutions for enhanced future healthcare.
Covestro presentation of healthcare materials at CMEF
During CMEF, Covestro experts will demonstrate how our healthcare materials help formulate life-enhancing solutions.

While medical devices are getting smaller, they’re also becoming more intelligent. Smart wearables bring new possibilities, with the ability to monitor vital signs, deliver drugs in a continuous manner, track activity and much more. With these new demands, medical-grade plastics must also meet increased requirements for quality, device productivity and design freedom.

During CMEF, Covestro experts, including Dr. Douglas Hamilton, global healthcare segment leader – Polycarbonates, and Godwin Suen, Asia product expert – Polycarbonates, will discuss our latest products and material solutions, including:

  • Our next-generation conceptual connected drug delivery device will make its debut in Asia. This concept demonstrates possibilities in improving reliability and comfort, dose accuracy and patient adherence with our Makrolon® medical-grade polycarbonate solutions.
  • Material solutions for minimally invasive surgeries utilize Makrolon® polycarbonate, which offers excellent dimensional stability, strength and rigidity to meet the required precision, dexterity and control.
  • Prefilled syringe solutions benefit from Apec® 1745 polycarbonate. This biocompatible grade provides high heat resistance, high impact strength, easy disinfection, dimensional stability and accuracy at high temperatures.
  • Our solutions for smart wellness and home health devices combine aesthetics and performance parameters, creating more user-friendly and personalized healthcare.
  • Our medical-grade polycarbonates meet the demands of life-enhancing medications. For example, high-flow Makrolon® Rx2235 polycarbonate helps manufacturers fill very thin walls and accurately replicate intricate features with lower pressures. Additionally, Makrolon® Rx3440 polycarbonate offers superior durability and chemical resistance to help prevent cracking. In turn, healthcare professionals can more safely deliver oncology drugs to patients.
  • Platilon® thermoplastic films feature a particularly matte surface, offering a variety of benefits for wound care applications. They also provide breathability to wearable electronic patch devices.

CMEF attendees are also invited to check out a presentation from Suen during the Mask Application Seminar, 1:30-4 p.m., at the Hall 6.1 Speech Forum.

Visitors to our booth will also be able to obtain information about Maezio™, a new continuous fiber-reinforced thermoplastic composite material that is a scalable and sustainable replacement for metal. This lightweight material can be tuned to be as strong as metal and features a high specific stiffness and strength when compared to magnesium and aluminum.

We look forward to sharing our latest insights, exploring how we can collaborate with the healthcare industry and building the next big thing together.

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Apec®, Makrolon® and Platilon® are registered trademarks of the Covestro group. Maezio™ is a trademark of the Covestro group.

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