Medical grade polycarbonate: A colorful canvas for healthcare

Design trends are constantly changing, and we’re always looking at how our materials can meet these evolving needs. This is especially important when it comes to medical devices, the design and color of which play a part in patients’ and medical personnel’s overall experience.

These aesthetics are a unique way to personalize new technologies, such as wearables, self-administered drug delivery and body monitors, and other wellness devices. Customizing these products also helps hospitals classify their own devices. With this in mind, we partner with YANG DESIGN–a leading design consultancy service provider in China–to bring the latest color themes to life. We have previously worked with YANG DESIGN to develop medical color trends, and continue to work with the team to create on-trend colors.

We continue to work with YANG DESIGN on developing the latest color trends, several of which we highlighted at Chinaplas 2019.
We continue to work with YANG DESIGN on developing the latest color trends, several of which we highlighted at Chinaplas 2019.

As healthcare designers and manufacturers look to incorporate the latest color and design trends into their products, they must first start with the right materials. This is especially important as the materials used need to meet biocompatibility and regulatory requirements. At Covestro, we have the total package to help the industry navigate these challenges.

Manufacturers can rest assured when using our color compounded medical polycarbonate materials, such as our Makrolon® 2858 polycarbonate. These materials provide a canvas for designers and manufacturers to use a variety of colors … all without sacrificing consistent quality and biocompatibility.

We offer a biocompatibility assessment according to USP 32 Plastic Class VI and ISO 10993-1 for our compounded medical grade resins, eliminating the need for OEMs to individually assess the base resin, colorants and additives separately. This controlled process is especially important as OEMs risk not being able to obtain certifications of biocompatibility on the final colored resin if they buy 1) transparent medical polycarbonate and self color using a medical masterbatch or 2) compounded colored polycarbonate from market processors who use various colorants to achieve the end color. Both examples, above, create a high degree of uncertainty related to the end product’s biocompatibility. As a result, this may put OEMs at risk for regulatory liability.

By staying up-to-date on design trends, we can continually provide healthcare designers with the latest colors and special effect options.

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