Materials keep pace for medical wearables

In a connected world, wearable devices continue to be a go-to for improving patient experience. Human factors and interfaces influence these products, creating demands for designs that are user-friendly and comfortable.

With a wealth of technical knowledge and a broad portfolio of thermoplastic polyurethane films and polyurethane-based adhesives and foams, we’re helping healthcare device OEMs break new ground.

Our polyurethane materials can help create injection-molded or extruded pieces for soft touch, low friction components that are skin- and user-friendly, such as smart watch bands. Polyurethane technology also allows formulators to create skin-friendly adhesives and breathable, thermoformable foams to embed and protect sensors from body movement and impact while maintaining comfort.

Thin profile healthcare wearables printed with conductive inks are made possible using polyurethane films. These materials can act as barriers to protect sensors from water, yet are breathable for comfort and can be stretched for fabric lamination or skin attachment.

New technologies mean new possibilities for healthcare wearables. To meet these needs, we recently introduced new grades of Platilon® thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) films, which are suitable for use as an “e-textile” with embedded electronics for medical wearables. Advantages of these new film grades include:

  • Excellent conductive ink printability
  • A low melting layer enables lamination on the textile with low damage to the conductive material
  • High stretch ability
  • Availability of a biocompatible, medical grade
Our Platilon® TPU film grades allow for embedded electronics in medical wearables.
Our Platilon® TPU film grades allow for embedded electronics in medical wearables.

For wearables and applications in touch with skin, such as blood pressure cuffs and wound dressings, our Dureflex® and Platilon® TPU film grades offer high flexibility, mechanical robustness, breathability and durability. Additionally, our Baymedix® and Platilon® materials can be used in conjunction with one another to create healthcare wearables from just three components by direct coating an adhesive or foam onto film.

As technologies advance, we will continue to be a reliable and trusted materials partner to help bring your next wearable innovation to life.

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