Healthcare highlights at COMPAMED and MEDICA

While Düsseldorf, Germany is home to a vibrant culture that attracts people from all over the world, it’s also where medical masterminds converge each year at COMPAMED and MEDICA. From November 12-15, these leading medical trade shows drew in 120,000 visitors and 6,000 exhibitors.
At COMPAMED and MEDICA, we showcased our many material solutions for innovative healthcare applications.

From polycarbonate and composites to adhesives and thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) films – our vast material solutions were a sight to see at the shows. For example, we showcased a model of a new three-layer wound dressing utilizing our materials for foam, adhesive and film. Here’s a snapshot of other healthcare applications we highlighted in our booths:

  • Drug delivery applications, including the Enable enFuse™ injector from Enable Injections, which features Makrolon® Rx1805 polycarbonate and Bayblend® M850 XF PC+ABS blend resins.
  • Wound dressings that utilize our polyurethane adhesive components from the Baymedix® A range and foams for wound care and female hygiene applications that use Baymedix® FP prepolymers and Platilon® TPU films.
  • Skin-friendly medical wearables that benefit from breathable Platilon® TPU films and Baymedix® polyurethane raw materials for thermo-formable foam and low trauma adhesive.
  • IV connectors made from our durable, chemical resistant Makrolon® Rx3440 polycarbonate.
  • Orthopedics and other potential applications utilizing Maezio™ – a Continuous Fiber-Reinforced Thermoplastic (CFRTP) composite material that combines the aesthetics and strength of metal with the flexibility and design freedom of plastics.
  • Surgical gloves dip-coated with Baymedix® polyurethane water-based dispersions, which offer outstanding mechanical stability.
At COMPAMED, we presented a new three-layer wound dressing featuring our materials for foam, adhesive and film.

This year’s COMPAMED and MEDICA once again proved to be a successful platform to showcase our materials and applications to the healthcare industry.

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