Makrolon® helps patients put their best foot forward

Patients who suffer from pain and reduced mobility can find comfort in orthopedic implants.

To help restore quality of life for these patients, Bio2 Technologies developed Vitrium® Bioactive Glass Implants- an alternative to allograft and porous metals. The company decided to take its support a step further, with plans to replace stainless steel instruments used in two implant applications with instruments made of polycarbonate from Covestro LLC.

Bio 2 Technologies
Bio2 Technologies developed orthopedic surgical instruments formed from Makrolon® Rx1805 polycarbonate. (Photo credit: Bio2 Technologies)

An instrument set used in conjunction with orthopedic implant surgery consists of a number of templates, helping surgeons determine which implant is best for achieving the desired correction. While stainless steel instruments have traditionally been the preferred option, they are more expensive and require sterilization before each procedure. Instruments formed from Makrolon® Rx1805 polycarbonate are disposable and, in turn, a more convenient option for hospitals and surgical centers. This medical-grade polycarbonate is part of the broad portfolio of polycarbonate resins available from Covestro. It features biocompatibility and good chemical resistance, and is often used in medical technology applications that require contact with bodily fluids. In addition to material selection, Covestro also provided mold flow analysis and recommendations related to mold construction.

The Vitrium C and Vitrium E implants from Bio2 Technologies received FDA clearance and are currently available in the United States for reconstructive surgery of the extremities. Bio2 Technologies plans to offer disposable polycarbonate instruments following completion of a packaging and sterilization validation study.

With a wealth of materials expertise, Covestro helped make Bio2 Technologies’ vision for a disposable instrument kit to complement its Vitrium C and E Wedges a reality. This application is just another example of how medical OEMs can add value by replacing traditional materials with engineering plastics.

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Makrolon® is a registered trademark of the Covestro group.

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