November 2017

Employee pulse

We caught up with Mark Yeager, one of Covestro’s employees working to help strengthen our organization’s relationship with the medical industry.
Did you know
Mark Yeager optimizes manufacturing and develops medical devices as field engineering manager and application engineering lead for Covestro LLC.

With a passion for chemistry, engineering and problem-solving, Mark chose a career path that encompasses all three. He earned his Bachelor of Science in polymer science from Penn State University and went on to work as a plastics engineer at an electrical connector company for seven years.

Mark has been with Covestro since 1985, focusing on engineering support for the medical industry for the last 20 years. Throughout his career, he has been given the opportunity to take on a wide variety of plastics engineering responsibilities, such as production supervision, part design and computer-aided engineering. As field engineering manager and application engineering lead for Covestro LLC, Mark oversees the group of technical service professionals who troubleshoot and optimize manufacturing at customer molding facilities. He is also involved in various stages of medical device development – from concept to finished part.

Mark finds great satisfaction in knowing that the medical devices he has worked on have improved the health and well-being of millions of people around the world. He applauds the innovative atmosphere of the industry because it encourages people to strive for perfection and be open-minded – two qualities he admires. According to Mark, the future of the medical industry will include the design of more medical devices for senior care as well as remote monitoring and treatment outside of the hospital setting. He believes that advances in the understanding of the role individual genes play will lead to customized therapies and treatments for individuals. Mark also sees a stronger focus on the impact of intestinal flora on patient health and related therapies.

Mark envisions Covestro as a leader in these spaces, with polycarbonate materials that offer durability, toughness and a balance of properties required for medical devices used outside of a protected hospital environment. Covestro plastics are also ideal for laboratory and diagnostics equipment used in DNA testing, flora studies, therapy development and drug delivery.

Outside of work, Mark is the father of five children, two of whom work in the medical industry. He enjoys traveling, spending time restoring German-engineered vehicles, remodeling homes and participating in competitive target shooting.

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