November 2017

Covestro showcases advanced wound care and wearable materials

Covestro has more in store for Compamed / Medica 2017 beyond polycarbonate materials. We’ll also be highlighting material solutions for wound care and wearables that fulfill the demands of both medical technology manufacturers and patients.

With a nod to the growing digitalization trend, Covestro will showcase integrated and sustainable materials that provide increased comfort for wearables at booth A23 in Hall 15. While wearables are currently used to measure heart rate, future capabilities may include helping with medical diagnoses and treatments, and delivering medications in accurate dosages. These functions will require comfort and the ability to remain on the skin for an extended period of time. Covestro materials meet these key requirements – helping to create hypoallergenic wearables that cling gently to the skin while remaining breathable.

Covestro will also feature Platilon® thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) blown film for medical applications. With benefits such as comfort for the patient and customization to fit the converter’s production process, this material is ideal for the medical industry. Platilon® also offers a low melting point (95 – 105 Celsius) and a water vapor barrier.

This month, Covestro is launching a new range of medical films featuring extra matte surfaces – a first for blown film. This new generation of film can be used in several applications, including wound care films, surgical drapes and wearable health patches. For wearable health patches, the extra matte surface delivers a softer touch for the patient and can be worn comfortably for longer periods of time as it reduces the irritation that can occur from rubbing against clothing. In surgical settings, the extra matte surface is beneficial as it does not reflect bright lighting. With these qualities, matte blown films are cost efficient and feature cutting-edge design.

Covestro is also introducing materials for soft embedding of electronics in roll-to-roll production. Electronic components or devices embedded in flat design can be used as wearable patches. Platilon® films are specifically developed for these applications, featuring a humidity barrier to protect electronic components. When combined with TPU polyurethane, these films allow for production that does not require “wet chemistry” or injection molding.

Lastly, Covestro will highlight Baymedix® polyurethane raw materials for advanced wound care. The Baymedix® product line includes a series of raw materials for wound dressings that support the healing process and offer numerous design possibilities. These are used to manufacture such products as absorbent white foams with Baymedix® FP, breathable skin contact adhesives with Baymedix® A and the waterborne polyurethane backing films based on Baymedix® FD and CD.

Advanced wound care
Baymedix® polyurethane raw materials for wound dressings support the healing process and offer numerous design possibilities.

Marc-Stephan Weiser, Head of Global Business Development SB Medical at Covestro, will introduce “New antimicrobial, non-yellowing foam formulations for advanced wound care” at the Compamed Suppliers Forum in Hall 8b, booth G40 on Tuesday November 14, 2017 at 12:10 p.m.

Attending Compamed / Medica? Be sure to check out our innovative materials for wound care and wearables.

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