June 2017

Employee pulse

We caught up with Marina Lee, one of Covestro’s employees working to help strengthen the company’s relationship with the medical industry.

Marina’s interest in the medical field stems from her passion for biology. Having earned her Bachelor of Science degree in chemistry from the University of Hong Kong and an MBA from Hong Kong University of Science & Technology, Marina has always been curious about how medical diagnoses are made and captivated by the impact medicine can have on patients.

Marina has been with Covestro since 1992, with a focus on the medical industry for the past 11 years. As senior marketing manager, Polycarbonate – medical and consumer products, Asia Pacific, she is responsible for industrial marketing of medical polycarbonate. Playing an integral role in the rapid growth of Covestro’s medical business in the region, Marina helps turn concepts into reality – ultimately leading to product expansion.

The medical industry is committed to offering people a better and brighter life, and Marina shares this same drive. She is intrigued by the industry’s structure and requirements for achieving the highest level of safety for other’s lives. Over the past 10 years, Marina has noticed that many governments in developing countries have implemented improvement and growth initiatives to save people from sickness. This push has led to industry support of medical device innovation and localization of production.

Looking to the future, Marina says these moves will contribute to more efficient and widely affordable medical treatment for the general public. As a company devoted to making the world a brighter place, Covestro supports this vision. With constant global innovation and materials that meet regulatory requirements for medical devices, manufacturers can meet market demand in the most efficient ways possible.

A native of Hong Kong, Marina has lived in Shanghai for the past six years. She is an avid traveler who also enjoys driving, and says that her Persian cat is the king of her family. Marina’s advice to others? “Be curious and courageous in life.”

For more information, email plastics@covestro.com.

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