October 2016

Employee Pulse

Covestro has a strong relationship with the medical industry, providing materials and technical expertise and helping to bring innovative applications to market. Manufacturers and designers have come to rely on Covestro.
Tristel Stella system

Our materials and technical expertise is possible because of the employees working behind the scenes. One such person working to strengthen and advance Covestro’s place in the medical market is Markus Krieter.

Krieter, who is based out of Leverkusen, Germany, has been with the company for 26 years, starting with Bayer AG in 1990. Krieter, who has spent the last 15 years involved in the medical industry, is currently bringing his talents to the role of head of industrial marketing consumer products & medical EMLA within the polycarbonates division of Covestro AG.

With a background as a toolmaker and a degree in mechanical engineering, Markus has well-rounded knowledge of tooling, manufacturing, science and math. This combination has benefited him throughout his career as he’s been involved in application technology, segment management and the industrial marketing of polycarbonates with specific focus on the medical industry, consumer products and bottled water industry.

This married father of two kids enjoys not only the mechanical and manufacturing side of the industry but also the customer interactions. Krieter explains that in a rapidly changing industry environment, he likes to look at medical customers with a long-term view. He enjoys establishing and fostering trusting and reliable business relationships to further Covestro’s involvement in the medical industry and help bring life-changing medical developments to market.

If you would like to speak with Markus in person, please visit our booth A 75 in Hall 6 at K 2016.

For more information, email markus.krieter@covestro.com.

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