June 2016

Highlighting Covestro’s materials and identity in a big way at CHINAPLAS 2016

CHINAPLAS 2016 was a momentous occasion. Not only was it the show’s 30th anniversary, but it was also the first time Covestro, formerly Bayer MaterialScience, exhibited under its new name. CHINAPLAS, the largest fair for the rubber and plastics industry in Asia, was held April 25-28 at Shanghai New International Expo Centre, PR China.

CHINAPLAS provided Covestro with the opportunity to showcase its innovative and sustainable solutions for the mobility, smart home and health care sectors – all of which represent potential growth areas for future Chinese development. Covestro highlighted some of its technologies widely used in the health care market for medical products ranging from insulin pens and pumps, inhalers, renal care and blood management to heart defibrillators, intravenous access components and surgical instruments used to assist patients. One specific example is the Integrated Healthcare machine housing used by the medical OEM Mindray. This portable device could be used in rural Chinese areas where 49% of the country’s population resides (over 600 million people). Community healthcare service demand is high in these areas, following the medical-industry trends toward preventive healthcare, outpatient treatment and in-home care. To withstand frequent use and protect the sensitive electronic components, strong, impact-resistant Bayblend® polycarbonate+acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (PC+ABS) blend resin from Covestro was chosen for the device housing.

Additionally, Covestro’s Mr. Chris Zhang participated in the “expert talks” given during CHINAPLAS when he presented “Platilon® High MVTR TPU film for Wound Care.” Covestro highlighted more than just its material offerings for the medical industry. The design and production assistance Covestro provides to its customers is all worth mentioning. The global technical, regulatory and commercial support offered by Covestro makes it easy for the company to assist OEMs in commercializing devices designed in one geographical location and manufactured in another.

Covestro had a successful experience at CHINAPLAS 2016, showcasing its material and technological offerings for the medical industry and beyond to serve its customers’ ever-evolving innovation needs.

For more information, visit solutions.covestro.com/en/materials/plastics or email plastics@covestro.com.

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