September 2015

Covestro name carries with it the promise of 40 years of medical device expertise

On September 1, 2015, Covestro shook up the material science industry with a new identity. While our logo, vision, and name may have changed, the core of our expertise that stems from more than 40 years of industry experience remains the same.

We know that the medical device community relies heavily on the long-term availability of products and formulations, and we are dedicated to offering unchanged, longstanding material solutions. In the unlikely event of a change in formulation, Covestro keeps our customers’ needs top-of-mind by providing notification of changes in a way that minimizes inconvenience for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and processors.

We also recognize and value the importance of our customers’ unique needs and expectations. We continue to recruit highly experienced commercial and technical experts who are able to face new challenges head-on. Covestro experts are also equipped to offer additional services that may include regulatory assistance, part and mold design guidance and testing.

Operating as Covestro, a world leader in polymer materials, we strive to remain true to our namesake by providing collaborative, invested and strong innovations for the medical device industry. We have renewed our commitment to offering the best possible products that fit the developing needs and goals of OEMs and processors who rely on our materials and advancements to create safer, more efficient medical technologies.

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