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Participating and exhibiting in trade shows, conferences and other events are important ways we stay in touch with our customers and other stakeholders. Last year was particularly busy, but don’t just take our word for it!
A live demonstration of the Covestro virtual reality experience during RoadTrip 2030.

Join us now for a brief “year in review” and relive moments from events that span the globe. From the dozens of events where we had a presence, we’ve hand-picked a few we thought would be of most interest to you – several mobility-related events as well as other major shows that are broader, cutting across several industries. So buckle up … here we go!

Asia Pacific

At CHINAPLAS 2018, April, last year, the largest plastics and rubber trade fair in Asia and the second most-influential in the world, we dropped our B2B product-focused approach. Instead, as you can see in this video, we encouraged inspiration through a diverse range of engagement activities under the theme of ‘Let’s Play’. This reminded our customers that creativity and innovation are fostered through enjoyment and passion, not stuffy corporate scenarios. It also highlighted our entire range of capabilities and built us up as a trusted brand and friend to enterprises that wish to do more. What Covestro offered at CHINAPLAS is a place to incubate and spur inspiration and imagination in industries including mobility, healthcare, electronics, electrical and appliance, and more.

Two months later, Covestro participated in the DrivingVisionsNews (DVN) workshop in Tokyo, which brings together hundreds of automotive lighting participants from around the world. We leveraged a diversified exhibition format to showcase our raw materials as well as applications and prototypes. With delicate set-up, we provided an interactive space in the trade fair for in-depth technological and business dialogue. This made it possible for customers to experience how our materials are addressing the need for lightweight solutions with high optical, mechanical and aesthetic performance.

Europe, the Middle East and Africa

How will advances in autonomous and electrified vehicles affect the design of vehicles and the materials used to produce them? Covestro highlighted new concepts for these vehicles at the VDI Congress “Plastics in Automotive Engineering” held in March in Mannheim, Germany. We focused on use of polycarbonate in such applications as the integration of lighting and sensor technology, automotive glazing, a functional and individually designed interior, and the powertrain for electric vehicles. Want to know more? Listen to automotive expert Dr. Eckhard Wenz of Covestro discuss the challenges faced by the value chain and the new requirements for functional plastics in the autonomous and electrified vehicle of the future. You may also be interested in this brief video featuring Demian Horst, programme director, transportation design, at the Umeå Institute of Design, speaking about how societal trends affect automotive design. Longtime readers may remember that Demian, one of our design partners, played a key role in our K 2016 concept car.

Our customers are seeking a partner that can help them address trends such as future mobility, progressive digitalization, 3D printing and energy-efficient lighting. In October at Fakuma, the world’s leading technical event for plastics processing held in Friedrichshafen, Germany, Covestro highlighted innovation in materials, applications and business models. Key mobility-related technologies we highlighted included materials used to encapsulate lithium-ion batteries, a complex-shaped shock absorber manufactured using three 3D printing technologies and several light-guiding and light-diffusing polycarbonates, and films for automotive interior and exterior applications.


We know auto enthusiasts are always eager to learn about the features and technologies automakers are incorporating into their newest vehicles. With that in mind, our automotive experts walked the floor of the North American International Auto Show, held January 13-28 in Detroit, Michigan, sharing insights about the latest trends on display. Join Paul Platte of Covestro, senior marketing manager, automotive, as he guides you through such hot topics as interior trim styling, seamless design and innovative lighting.

Have you ever thought of sketching as an intense battle? Well sometimes, it is! The Middlecott Sketchbattle Experiment is an interesting event held in conjunction with the auto show. Often described as the "Fight Club of Design", this automotive sketching competition features inspiring design talents from the industry and college students. Covestro proudly supports this event as part of our efforts to collaborate with the auto designers of tomorrow. Click here and be ready to be inspired by this sketching competition!

We ended 2018 going on a journey to the autonomous future. Covestro hosted RoadTrip 2030: Designing today for the passengers of tomorrow. This first-of-its-kind mobility summit, held in Pittsburgh, home to North American headquarters of Covestro, brought together Tier suppliers, ridesharing companies; automotive media; and research, engineering and design institutes to explore the disruptive trends, concepts and materials that are shaping the future of transportation. The half-day event also served as a first look at our new virtual reality program, showcasing the critical role that materials will play in designing autonomous vehicle interiors that cater to diverse passenger needs. Intrigued? See “Hop into the passenger seat of a virtual rideshare“ and come along for the ride!

Now of course, we are full-speed ahead preparing for 2019 events.

Just last week Covestro exhibited at CES 2019, the global stage for new global consumer technologies, demonstrating how we accelerate innovation through collaboration. Our exhibit focused on diverse markets, including mobility, where electronics and other advancements are converging to create innovative new rider experiences.

And this week we’re back again at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit. At the AutoMobili-D section of the auto show, January 14-17, Covestro will officially debut our Future of Mobility virtual reality experience. If you’ll be there, we hope you’ll stop by. You’ll find us in booth #AD03 in Cobo Center.

And while it seems far away, we’re already hard at work preparing for K 2019, the number-one trade fair for the plastics and rubber industry. This event is so big it’s held just once every three years! At K 2016 we unveiled an entirely new concept for electric vehicle design. What do we have up our sleeves for K 2019? Stay tuned for more details in a future issue of the eAutomotive Update.

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