New materials position auto OEMs for the road ahead

Covestro polycarbonate resins and blends have been proven in automotive applications for roughly 50 years. As automotive technology advances, we, too, continue to innovate, with new material technologies that are instrumental for taking next-gen vehicles from the drawing board to the showroom floor.

The latest example is the addition of three new grades to our polycarbonate blend portfolio. Each new grade is designed to address a specific need.

  • Bayblend® T85 XUV PC+ABS blend: This material offers improved long-term UV stability, making it an excellent solution for unpainted interior applications. This new solution, which is available in OEM-trim colors, offers very good overall material performance and fulfills interior emission and odor requirements of the major automotive OEMs.
  • Bayblend® T85 XAT PC+ABS blend: This grade is a permanent antistatic PC+ABS for interior applications. Designed for automotive interior trim applications, such as overhead consoles, it helps automakers create dust-free and light-stable surfaces. This material, which is available in OEM trim colors, is a drop-in solution for PC+ASA into existing molds in terms of shrinkage and is a cost-efficient alternative to PC+ASA anti-static grades.
  • Makroblend® SR60 PC+PBT blend: Designed for unpainted high-gloss applications, this material offers enhanced scratch and chemical resistance compared with standard materials. When combined with the variothermal process, it is possible to produce both high- and low-gloss surfaces. Beyond aesthetics, it is an economical solution, as well: It offers time and cost savings as no painting is required.
Covestro introduces new material technologies that contribute to the latest interior vehicle trends.

These new material grades join our already robust portfolio of automotive and transportation materials, including Makrolon® polycarbonate for transparent and colored components, Apec® high-heat polycarbonate for lighting applications and additional grades of Bayblend® PC+ABS blend and Makroblend® PC+PBT blend.

Covestro continues to collaborate with auto designers, engineers and OEMs to develop materials that look good, perform well and contribute to the latest vehicle trends. For more information about our materials for automotive applications, please contact Hans-Jürgen Klankers (

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Apec®, Bayblend®, Makroblend® and Makrolon® are registered trademarks of the Covestro group.

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