Covestro shares materials concepts for future car design at DVN Shanghai

Following its participation in the DrivingVisionsNews (DVN) workshop in Detroit in January, Covestro participated in the recent DVN workshop in Shanghai, which brought together around 300 automotive lighting participants from across the globe. At the DVN workshop, Jochen Hardt, Head of Global Marketing Automotive & Transportation, Polycarbonates, Covestro, together with Steffen Pietzonka, Head of Global Marketing OE Lighting at Hella KGaA Hueck & Co, gave a comprehensive presentation on materials concepts for future car design under the theme of “Contribution of Components, Electronics, Materials and Simulation Tools to Innovations.”
At the DVN workshop in Shanghai, the new concept car from Covestro showcased new design possibilities for future car design.

Jochen notably mentioned that Covestro has more than 50 years experience in automobile collaboration and innovation, going back to the introduction of the first full plastic body concept car in 1967. Aiming to meet future needs, Covestro has developed a new concept car in collaboration with HELLA KGaA Hueck & Co.

On display at the DVN workshop, the new concept car model once again turned heads with noticeable attention from many OEM partners. Based on pioneering plastics technologies, the car‘s concepts “brings to light” how Covestro redefines automotive lighting with seamless surfaces, holographic films, body lighting and backlighting for safety, design and function. It presents vehicle designers with new possibilities for designing comfortable, functional, and energy-efficient cars that meet the demands of safety and sustainability.

Following his presentation, Jochen was interviewed by two notable members of the automotive industry media in China: Automotive Manufacturing & Design and Autolab, an auto We-Media that creates and shares analysis and trends of auto innovation on technology, materials and manufacturing. Their discussion covered automotive lighting and future cars trends and compared them to Covestro’s strategy and plan.

“The presentations were very in-depth and useful. We look forward to attending other relevant events.”
– Ruan Jincheng, Autolab

“The new concept car really impressed me. We have a new recognition on Covestro after talking with Jochen. The opinions and insights he shared were very valuable.”
– Yu Qinghua, Automotive Manufacturing & Design

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