Holographic films play starring role in high-tech lighting

Holographic rear lighting illustration courtesy of © HELLA KGaA Hueck & Co

In the future, holography will add a new dimension to automotive lighting. In collaboration with automotive supplier HELLA, at K 2016 Covestro revealed an innovative solution for brake lights, tail lights and turn signals based on holographic films. This approach offers several advantages.

Integrating various light functions into body parts requires very little space and opens up entirely new possibilities for using light as a design element. In addition, lighting using holographic films is an energy efficient lighting solution – especially for electric vehicles – because the films contribute to lightweighting efforts and, in turn, lower CO2 emissions.

The properties of Covestro’s wafer-thin polycarbonate films – high heat resistance, impressive toughness and elasticity over a wide temperature range, good stiffness, excellent electrical insulation properties, and scratch, weathering and chemical resistance – made them an ideal material solution for this application.

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