Creating color: An inside look at Covestro’s Color & Design Centers

OEMs are always looking for new ways to keep up with fierce competition. From the latest interior designs to cool new exterior features, there is one important component that today’s vehicles cannot go without – color.

No car is completely devoid of color – which is why the Covestro experts in the Color & Design Centers are well-equipped to meet the many color and design needs of automotive OEMS and tier suppliers. Covestro’s Color & Design Centers offer a unique color and design experience in which customers receive individualized attention from in-house experts – project managers, lead designers, chemists and colorant specialists – every step of the way.

A trip to a Color & Design Center can make color dreams come to life thanks to Covestro’s real-time delivery operation with speedy color development that can modify colors on the fly to accelerate any product’s design process and, in many cases, eliminate the need for secondary and tertiary processing. Customers have access to an industry-leading color library with thousands of samples and effects, the highest-quality molding equipment, and an exquisite design gallery.

Coloring outside the lines

From dead front technology for some of the most-recognized vehicles to newer concepts like laser-etching, the experts at the Color & Design Centers are leading the way in the industry’s top trends. Determined to meet the evolving needs of OEMs and Tier suppliers, Covestro experts are pushing boundaries to use color for more than just traditional aesthetic purposes. The development of Covestro’s Reflective White (RW) grades in Makrolon® polycarbonate and APEC® high-heat polycarbonate, for example, allows for light reflection with minimal loss and contributes to the generation of homogenous light – avoiding the so-called “hot spots” that consumers say are an unattractive feature of LEDs. Major players in the automotive industry have embraced these products because light output can be achieved without the need for metallization or painting, which saves time and money associated with additional processing steps while also offering more design freedom.

As a global company, Covestro strives to bring its color and design expertise directly to its customers regardless of where they are located. With seven Color & Design Centers around the world - Newark, Ohio; Filago, Italy; Greater Noida, India; Shanghai and Guangzhou, China; Map Ta Phut, Thailand; and Seoul, South Korea – Covestro does just that, enabling fast, local service. Color specialists in each region embrace an interactive approach that encourages collaboration among the Centers around the world to help customers harness Covestro’s leading technology, innovation and service – even if it means coloring outside the lines.

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