Formidable films: Matte film grades on the rise

The demand for matte film grades in the production of decorative interior parts continues to grow in the US and worldwide. Expanding on the success of high-gloss films used to create piano black finishes, Covestro introduced Makrofol® HF polycarbonate films with various matte levels at this year’s Fakuma trade show.

To help original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) achieve the appearance and characteristics they desire, Covestro has helped to create a product that is customizable - the formable hardcoat films range from matte, finely textured surfaces with moderate diffusion to glare-free films and deep matte grades. The matte products display a gloss level of just 1.9 units when backprinted black. The finely textured matte films achieve gloss levels between 70 and 75 under the same conditions.

The matte films can easily be printed, formed or back-injected in a film insert molding process, similar to their high-gloss counterparts. The material offers excellent formability due to the pre-cured coating and delivers scratch, abrasion and chemical resistance. Crosslinking of the coating after forming gives the films their high scratch and abrasion resistance; the films are also resistant to sun protection products and other chemicals.

Polycarbonate films allow manufacturers to produce high-quality interior automotive parts with three-dimensional matte and scratch-resistant surfaces. Makrofol® HF can also be applied in consumer electronics and IT equipment.

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